I have been reading ‘Risk – The Science and Politics of Fear’ by Dan Gardner.

It is scary how we are conditioned to be afraid of a world which is probably safer than it has ever been.

The book also has some very interesting discussions about how your thought processes work (yes, that includes you) – especially the ‘system one/system two’ way that the mind works – or the ‘gut’ and ‘head’ thinking that it is labelled as in the book.

The subconcious/system one/gut processes in the mind work according to a set of rules and heuristics.  This thinking system developed in a world of hunter gatherers and has not really changed much since then.  Some of the rules are now well understood – such as:

  • Example rule – if one pointy toothed animal is bad news then they all are
  • Good/Bad – things associated with good things are good for you

More to come as I get further!


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